Open Saturdays 8:30am-Noon, May-October

Saturdays 9:00am-Noon, November-April

Bath Farmers’ Market is accepting donations to sustain the SNAP market token program. The program has been a great success and as part of our goal of making it a sustainable program for many years to come, we’re rolling out our first fundraiser – tote bags!

Anyone who makes a minimum donation of $12 will receive a Bath Farmers’Market tote bag as thanks for your support.

Bath Farmers Market-pp2

The tote bags are available at the Market Information Booth.

This program is a collaboration between Bath Farmers’ Market and the Bath Freight Shed Alliance. Volunteers from the Bath Freight Shed Alliance provide market tokens to customers in exchange for SNAP and credit card card swipes. Local SNAP recipients receive 50% bonus credits up to $15 a week.